Why we make the things we make says a lot about who we are.
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High Friday is my personal design studio. It's the place I invented to do what I love. To work with startups, businesses, and creators to realize their dreams.

There's something amazing about being able to turn ideas into reality, to create something from nothing. That's what High Friday is all about.

Do you need help with branding or business strategy? What about product design or user experience? Are you seeking that perfect partner that's easy to work with, but still professional?

Look no further, I'm the man you've been looking for.


Life is about experiences. They color our paths and make us who we are. Here at High Friday, I want to offer unique experiences as well, which are centered around four core competencies: Branding, User, Business, and Product experiences. Learn more about each.

Branding XP

A strong brand can make or break any endeavor. It speaks to customers, users, and stakeholders on a deeper level. It leads to community, true fans, and staying power. If you need help with branding in any form, from logo design to brand identity, I can help.

User XP

How do you create the perfect experience for your users? Whether it's physical or digital, how users interact with your product makes all the difference. Understand who your users are, what they want, and how to keep them coming back for more with User XP.

Business XP

Creating a business is easier said than done. Most startups fail within 5 years, so how do you break the trend? You need to not only understand your business and market, but you need a strategy in place to execute that understanding. I can help you create a roadmap to success.

Product XP

Building products is what I most enjoy. I'm a creator at heart and love helping others realize their dreams. If you need help developing your products, whether they are physical or digital, I can help you build something that fits your goals and makes you proud.


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